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In Conversations – Honesty and Presence with Jussi Reijonen

Finnish guitarist/oudist, composer, arranger, and educator, Jussi Reijonen, will be performing some of his compositions from his acclaimed CD Jussi Reijonen: un and showcasing some new arrangements from his trio project Jussi Reijonen: trï at Brookline Music School on June 3 and Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

In Conversations – Breaking through with Eldar Djangirov

Eldar Djangirov, as known as Eldar professionally, is a pianist, composer and an educator. He is considered one of most celebrated jazz prodigy of his generation. Dave Brubeck, who played a piano duet with Eldar in 2011 called him “a genius beyond most young people

In Conversations – Restive Soul with Kyle Nasser

Kyle Nasser‘s debut album Restive Soul, drew it’s title from a quote by the French political thinker and historian, Alexis de Tocqueville, who had attributed his pursuit of politics to his own “restive and insatiable soul”. Author of “Democracy in America” as well, once said that “Life is

In Conversations – Words and Verses with Yoko Miwa

It was love at first sight for Yoko Miwa with the piano, she was four years old and she has not stopped playing ever since. Just like some of her original compositions with lyrical titles, the opulent and simmering piano sound like poetry – poignant,

In Conversations- Sense and Sensibility with Layth Sidiq

A young Layth, courtesy of the artist. It is a palette of luminous sound when Layth plays; whether as a soloist, in a quartet, among a large ensemble, or within a symphony orchestra. There are these waves of reverberations offset in silence and stream with

In Conversations – Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading

This year, the 20th-Annual Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading was happening on Langston Hughes’ birthday. This annual event was coordinated by Anne Edmonds Clanton, and co-sponsored by RISD Museum, RISD’s Writing Center, and Literary Arts & Studies Department. I was able to catch up with

Shilpa Ananth

In Conversations – Heart to Heart with Shilpa Ananth

I first met Shilpa Ananth when she was at Berkelee School of Music and where she was performing as part of the Berklee Indian Ensemble. An ensemble was founded in 2011 by the amazing Annette Philip where the mission reads “The Indian Ensemble is more