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Sunday Night Music Sessions around Providence

Mark Berney with Dave Murphy. Photo by Erin X. Smithers.

Arias Live Jazz Sundays– Allary, the legendary Providence club that, beginning in the mid ‘70s and extending for over a decade, played host to some of the world’s most important jazz artists, is returning to its original home to present jazz in its most refined, exciting forms. On April 9th, it was Latin & Brizillian Jazz with Dan Moretti on saxophone, Bernardo Hernandez on guitar, Flavio Lira on bass , Alberto Netto on drums, and Jorge Najarroon Percussion. Roger and Marina Kallab, owners of Arias, the venue that currently occupies the 108 North Main Street site of the original Allary, are committed to restoring one of America’s most important jazz clubs. “We are excited and privileged to be able to create ‘Allary at Arias,’” said Roger. “We think of ourselves as stewards of a great tradition that meant so much to our culture and to thousands of jazz lovers who made Allary their second home.”

Blues Jam Session at Murphy’s Law with Travis Colby and Murphy’s Law House Band. Murphy’s Law has been hosting Blues Jam session for the past five years and Jazz Jam Session (hosted by Benjamin Ricci) on Tuesday night for the past four years.

Jazz Revelations presents Mark Berney Quartet Celebrates Bobby Hackett at Aurora

URI Jazz Trumpet Professor Mark Berney and his quartet will celebrate the music of hometown hero, Bobby Hackett. Joining Mark in what promises to be an exceptional performance will be Boston Pops keyboardist Ben Cook and fellow URI jazz profs David Zinno on bass and Steve Langone on drums.

Bobby is one of Rhode Island’s greatest musical treasures, perhaps best known as Glenn Miller’s trumpet soloist. He also performed with many musical giants, including Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett. Digging into Bobby’s music, Mark fell in love with his sweet tone, inventive melodic improvisation, and the pure joy in his swing. Bobby grew up just a couple of miles from Aurora and performed in other popular venues in downtown Providence, so his spirit will surely be felt in the house.This musical tribute will include all the selections from Hackett’s 1958 live recording,Thanks Bobby. Take a listen of a sample here. Following a brief intermission, there were an invitational jam featuring many tunes Bobby helped make famous through his extensive discography.

Tell us about Jazz Revelations, how did it start? What do you have in mind? 

Live jazz venues in Providence started to close one after another about a year after we relocated to Rhode Island. We love jazz—it’s magical and uplifting—but we have zero musical chops. Where were we going to get our fix? We discussed the situation with young musicians then active in the Providence jazz scene, notably Leland Baker, Chris Gagnon, Dave Murphy, and Ben Shaw, who all agreed that something needed to be done. They were busy making ends meet so we offered to do the grunt work so musicians could focus on their music.

Jazz Revelations is a concert series produced and subsidized by PM Jazz, an informal non-profit formed by Peter Becker and Marina Wong. Jazz Revelations offers live music events throughout the year to showcase our incredible local and regional talent, especially younger, less established musicians. Our goal is to expand the local fan base for this wonderful, improvisational art. The energy of an appreciative audience provokes creativity in the performer. This happens both in the moment and longer term, as Jazz Revelations provides musicians an alternative to conventional, albeit better paying gigs.

We are grateful for the financial support provided by the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts. This has allowed us to pay musicians more fairly while keeping admission charges low enough to attract a larger audience. We also depend on venues like Aurora Providence to provide excellent acoustic space and technical support. Our pockets aren’t deep enough to do this on our own! Ultimately, we’d like to grow this program to bring musicians from further afield to keep the local scene fresh and inspiring.

What kinds of jazz events have you hosted? What’s coming next? 

 So far we’ve had brilliant, personalized tributes to inspirational jazz instrumentalists and vocalists like John Coltrane, Etta James, and most recently, local hero Bobby Hackett. Not just your daddy’s jazz. Definitely contemporary, preferably innovative and edgy, but still recognizably jazz. Nothing gets an audience going like strong rhythm, and Natraj and Mmere Dané delivered that in spades, with musical flavors from India and West Africa, respectively.   And we’ve had Baba Yaga perform original compositions with killer bop sax over rock beats.

What’s coming next can be seen if you scroll down far enough at to find our calendar for 2017.  Sign up for an emailed event reminder at We’re already talking with prospective musicians for the series in 2018.  Come to a Jazz Revelations concert or to the monthly jazz jam we also host on third Sundays at The Parlour.  We’d love your input and help in keeping live jazz going in Providence.

We’re already talking with prospective musicians for the series in 2018.  Come to a Jazz Revelations concert or to the monthly jazz jam we also host on third Sundays at The Parlour.  We’d love your input and help in keeping live jazz going in Providence.



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