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Dominique Eade NEC Faculty Recital

Dominique Eade  © Erin X. Smithers

New England Conservatory‘s Dominique Eade grew up in a musical household and spent much of her childhood moving within the US and in Europe. Beginning her studies as an English major at Vassar, Eade sang for a time with a jazz group, Naima, which also included Poughkeepsie native Joe McPhee. Later Eade transferred briefly to Berklee College of Music, and then finished her degree at New England Conservatory, where pianist Ran Blake became an important mentor and performing colleague. Eade stayed in Boston after graduating and soon after began teaching at NEC.

In 1990, Eade moved to New York City and released her first CD, The Ruby and the Pearl, featuring Alan Dawson and Stanley Cowell, for Accurate Records. During this time she maintained her teaching position at NEC, and performed in a variety of contexts including soloist roles in two Anthony Braxton operas, duo restaurant performances with Gene Bertoncini, an adventurous trio with Ben Street and Kenny Wollesen performing weekly in the East Village, and duos with Mark Helias and Peter Leitch.

Just prior to returning to Boston in 1996 to begin a family, Eade was contacted by RCA’s Steve Backer and signed with the label later that year. She recorded two critically acclaimed CDs for RCA Victor, When the Wind Was Cool featuring Benny Golson, Fred Hersch, James Genus, Matt Wilson, and many others, and The Long Way Home with Dave Holland and Victor Lewis, which highlighted Eade’s arranging and songwriting(NEC Website).

Dominique Eade‘s NEC faculty recital was on Sunday, April 24, 2016 with Jed Wilson, Ran BakeKenan Adnawi, Nima Janmohammadi and David Adewumi in New England Conservatory‘s Jordan Hall.


Steady Girl, Bill Frisell (1951-), Arto Lindsay (1953-)

Dominique Eade, Voice; Jed Wilson, Piano


Endecha, Nothing to Explain and Sally, Dominique Eade (1958-)

Dominique Eade, Voice; Jed Wilson, Piano


The Highway Kind, Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997)

Dominique Eade, Voice; Jed Wilson, Piano


The Star-Crossed Lovers, Duke Ellington (1899-1974); Billy Strayhorn (1915-1967)

Dominique Eade, Voice; Jed Wilson, Piano


The Bitter Earth, Clyde Otis (1924-2008)

Backwater Blues, Bessie Smith (1894- 1937)

Song for J, Dominique Eade (1958-)

Dominique Eade, Voice; Jed Wilson, Piano


Winter Moon, Hoagy Carmichael (1899-1981), music; Harold Adamson (1906-1980), lyrics

Dominique Eade, Voice; Kenan Adnawi, Oud


Gunther’s Magic Row


The Easter Tree- Tradional

Go Gently to the Water, solo piano, dedicated to Sandi Peaslee

The Wind

Dominique Eade, Voice; Ran Bake (1935-), piano


It’s All Right, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding), Bob Dylan (1941-)

Dominique Eade, Voice; Nima Janmohammadi, American Setar


The Last Bus Home

Open Letter

Dominique Eade (1958-)

Dominique Eade, Voice; Jed Wilson, Piano, David Adewumi, trumpet.

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